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There are a few simple ways by which  you can easily check if a company is a scam. By doing so, you will not only save money, but also your valuable time and  your credibility. Most companies have their own website, which they will tell you visit for further information, to signup or  to make payment.  These days making a website is inexpensive , some companies like Microsoft even offer free websites for life. From a company's website, you can find out a lot of information about the company

1. PageRank - The PageRank shown by Google Toolbar is one  indication of whether the website is genuine.

On the toolbar you see the PageRank, which is Google's measure of the importance of  a particular web page. A well established company  which has a website for several years will have some Pagerank. Larger and more reputed websites like Google and Yahoo have a higher PageRank. The PageRank is updated every 3 to 4 months by Google , so a new website will not have any PageRank. Recently Google has stopped assigning page rank to all websites, due to deficiencies in its algorithm.


2. Whois  -  Gives information about website registration - the ownership of a website, when it is hosted

Check the Whois  information of a website

 Check  the date when the domain name has been registered. Companies which have  websites which are established 3-4 years ago are likely to have a viable business model and repeat customers. Fraud websites are usually set up only to cheat people and are shut down after a short  time, when people start losing money and register complaints against them with law enforcement agencies.


3.If the website owners do not opt for private registration, the contact details of  the company and phone number will be listed with  the registration details. You can check if  contact information provided on the website is the same as the whois information. You can also speak on phone for any clarifications


4. Fraud companies also try to invest the minimum amount on their websites, so they use free hosting companies like geocities, freewebs and tripod. They also do not bother to register a domain name, and use free domain names like .be ,  or subdomains


5. Search the internet for information about a company , search  for "company name + scam" . People share their experiences on work at home scams on forums , message boards and blogs . Popular forums arescam  where people have posted their lost their money with over hyped work at home programs like Dataentrypro, Typeinternational, Ejobs4all, which require payment of a upfront fee 

Nigerian 419 Fraud or Advance Fee fraud  - if you post your email on any public message board or  forum , you are sure to receive hundreds of emails offering you millions of dollars if you assist in money laundering or similar illegal activity. You are asked to pay an advance fee, after which you never hear from the scammers.

6 Common Work at Home Jobs Scams

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