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Iwriter - one of the most popular websites for freelance writers all over the world, anyone who wants to make some extra money quickly. Detailed Iwriter review.

Iwriter scam - a very big iwriter scam has taken place in india, wherein lazy liar cheater women who cannot write in proper english have been given great powers, as their powerful backers falsely claim that these lazy women provide content, when actually these women are not doing any work at all.

Textbroker - another very popular website for writers, only for US based writers, plenty of work available. They are very strict about screening the applicant, non us writers cannot even sign up.

Demand media - continues to be one of the more popular content mills. Contributors are paid for text content, videos. Has a very well developed system of deciding the content which will be in demand, according to search engine trends, allocating the work to contributors, and having editors screen the content that has been provided.

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There are also a number of academic writing websites, where the payment rate was significantly higher. However, they require the applicant to undergo a screening test which can be very time consuming. For many content websites, it now appears that approval of application has been routed through the mediocre associates or chamchas of powerful men in the internet sector, as a result of which a majority of applications are getting rejected. The webmaster will be happy to review any new website which hires writers for providing content, please send an email to .

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